When exploring the creative property of mankind thousands of years ago the earth was begun seeds in agriculture. Since then, it has always been a key element of the seed plant breeding. Today, the techniques applied in plant breeding and seed material is used in which there are actually many genetic and physiological potential to provide opportunities to fully emerge. We will describe the broad outline seed with the generative and vegetative features used in obtaining new plants refers to all the organs and parts of plants.


Even if all of the conditions at the optimum level for the development of plant fertilization in agriculture, weeding, irrigation, spraying and so on. None of the applications can be found in a genetic contribution beyond the limits set by the increase seed production. The quality of the yield or product revealed a plant or plant seed which is closely related to its potential use in breeding.


Therefore, Turkey's agricultural area in order to reach the desired level based on whether or not able to increase agricultural areas, treated the targeted increase in the production of genetic potential of high variety, That certified to provide seed of them grown in using appropriate methods of breeding and proper ecology OLGUNLAR SEED has the principle


By closely following the developments in our industry, all the processes that affect the quality of our products and continuously improve the success of our company, our technical team and our manufacturers are cooperating in the study. Need of permanent food industry, consumer demand and new trends are taken into consideration. For the people of our country, the best industrial, we are developing together with the manufacturer to offer the types of cereal and legume seeds.


In this respect, our company is a leading company in the field of R & D investments in mature and Seed. Founded in 1996, R & D unit, spends 5% of the annual turnover of Research and Development Activities. Seed mature experienced and knowledgeable research team carries out its infrastructure and field studies to develop new varieties each year using high technology.