Description of Agriculture
The production of vegetable and animal products, improving their quality and efficiency of these products kept in proper conditions, is called processed agricultural evaluation and marketing.
Agriculture consists of two main branches of production.
1.Bitkisel production, which is the main occupation of the people, food, clothing, building materials, fuel and materials are alive they meet aesthetic requirements.
2.Hayvansal production, adequate nutrition for the people on the other hand is a form of production for the provision of welfare.
Agricultural Resources
Formed by physical decomposition, chemical decomposition and Humification events have gained new features is the topmost layer of the earth live. Earth, being in and host it on a large vibrant community, providing nutrients to plants. But of the world's land 1 / 10th of the production can be made. The presence of land in Turkey is being processed about 36%, 28% meadows and pastures, 30% is forest and heathland, 6% of the remainder are located in other areas. Only 11% of arable land can be irrigated. Soil is one of the most important resources; used for non-agricultural purposes, heavy metals pollution and erosion losses are suffered with effect occurs and the yield is reduced. It is very difficult to regain the lost ground. 1 cm thick on the ground can only occur in a few centuries.
2. Is the air
Air is vital for the survival of human and alive. Animals, plants and humans survive stuffy. The atmosphere surrounding the Earth is called the gas mass. The thickness of the air layer in the atmosphere 150 miles from. Another name for the atmosphere in the air sphere. It's just 5 miles from the side is suitable for living organisms. Has the effect of plant growth and development of gases in the atmosphere. Air oxygen (O2) content is quite stable. The carbon dioxide (CO2) shows great variation. This is very important in the growth of two gas plants. Has a significant impact on the growth of natural plant air pollution. Garden plants and other plants are sensitive to air pollution. The density of the Earth's atmosphere layer decreases with distance. The atmosphere is almost as editor, and a protective cover around the globe.
Airborne gases can be divided into three groups:
Air continuously available and often invariant quantities gases (nitrogen, oxygen and other inert gases) and the amount of air contained continuous remittent gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, ozone)
Gases are not always in the air (pollutants)
3S is
Earth is necessary to sustain the life of all living things. Lack of water in the plant cell division and development of stopping, more water, accelerates growth and development. In general, the lack of water stunting is caused to the excess sorted. Cell protoplasm water abundant in composition, more particularly in young tissues and organisms. 80-90% of the weight of fresh fruits and vegetables in water. At least 70% of water in dry garlic, most are located in cucumber by 95%. This is followed by 93% with lettuce and tomatoes 94%. Small amounts of the colorless to the naked eye.
Heat a large celestial body that light. Chlorophyll formation in all of the plant's leaves, making photosynthesis, the conversion of organic substances, inorganic substances, shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits of the normal way, they can occur in size and thickness, color formation in the fruit depends on the sunlight. Light makes a direct or indirect effect correctly in this case. Plants that need light, this energy is the severity, duration, and vary according to quality. Sun 70% hydrogen, 20% helium and 5% of other elements as well. Solar energy is transformed into helium atoms, the result is an explosion of the hydrogen atoms on the surface, it would be a day of the explosion occurs millions of solar energy in this way. The sun is a yellow body. World of temperature and skylight hair.
5.Gübr to
In one or more nutrients in the fertilizer compounds containing one culture to increase the productivity of our land, is called fertilization to the employment of these substances to be buried in order to improve product quality and quantity.
2 separated, including manure and commercial fertilizers according to the company structure.
1. Business fertilizer, animal manure, green manure, bone meal, blood meal, there are varieties such as horn and nail dust. But most animal manure is used.
a. Animal manure is a mixture of solid residues from the livestock faeces and litter. Provides the necessary nutrients for plant growth. Makes it also suitable agricultural soil structure. Soil physical, chemical and biological properties regulate.
b. Green manure is selected from the genus of leguminous plants. Legumes advantage of the air nitrogen, nitrogen stored in the soil to provide plant roots and are enriched in nitrogen.
2. Commercial fertilizers, type most often used in commercial fertilizers fertilizers. Commercial fertilizers are sold in fertilizer dealers, comes together on one or more nutrients in the composition. Unlike the Business fertilizer contains high amounts of plant nutrients and easily soluble in water. Types, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, including fertilizers are divided into four main groups.
A portion with a large portion of the underground organs of the roots of the plants the nutrients they need in the aboveground organs of leaf material, take the branches and trunks. fertilizer; The rest are the most important input in agriculture and agricultural production. This is why it is our maxim regarding the fertilizer. they are; "Unfertilized trees, palm open air", "Fertilizer take the bald head, the results you see."
I 6.Toh
Seed occur with the development of the ovule after fertilization. Outside inward seeds in a seed shell (testa), nutrient tissue (endosperm), and has three parts, including embryos. The most important is the embryo.
Embryo: ovum after fertilization would be oosp creating a cellulose wall. Oosp suspensor cell divides into two cells, the following is called. Suspenser fed absorbing nutrients and turns the embryo. Dividing cells develop in the upper and rootlets are differentiated gövdecik and cotyledon leaves. Is the part of the seed alive.