( Tiriticale)
Establishment company: OlgunlarTur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti – ADIYAMAN 
Registration Year: Permıtted productıon
Stalk and Leaf Features: The stalk is 110-125 cm long,The leaves are light green.
Virgo Structure: Başaklar kılçıklı ve beyaz kavuzlu olup, uzun ve sık yapılıdır.
Grain Properties: The grain is soft and the abdomen cheeks are long and the color is red.
1000 grain weight 30-437 gr., hectoliter weight is 72-81 kg. The ability to blend is good.
Agricultural Features: İt is a summer season product cold tolerant in coastal conditions.
The Fraternization capacity is good and the yield potential is very high. it can bring yıeld
up to 550 in dry areas and 800 kg / daa in watery areas The size ıs long and the product is resistant to bending.. It ıs croped wet by livestock producers to be used
for silage.
Disease Status: It is tolarent to ashing , brown rust and root diseases.
Recommended Regions:It is recommended in Cukurova, Aegean, Southeastern Anatolia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.