Perra (New)

(Durum wheat)
Thanked Correctional Institution that: Mature Tour. Agriculture. Energy. URT. Tic. Paz. Ltd. STI - ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: 2015
Stalk and Leaf Features: Petiole is meduım, 95-105 cm firm, green color
Virgo Structure: İts a white virgo, medium been İts an purple awn meduım height with half standıng posıtıon.
 Virgo density is frequent and its length is 7-14 cm. When it comes to harvest maturity, no awns are spilled. 
Quality Features: Its a musk mallow color , elliptical shape, It is 6-7 mm long.0.88 b value and a positive value
of (63,2). The weight of 1000 pieces is 34,2-46,9 gr.   Hectoliter weight is 75,9-81,5 kg / hl, protein ratio is
12,3-15,9%, glassy is 94-100%, SDS sedimentation is 14-23 ml, semolina value is 15.10-21.06, semolina yield
is 49.0-61.6%.
Agricultural Properties: Resistance to winter and drought is medium, the product is resistant to bending its an early variety reaction to Fertilizer is good, does not pour awn, good
ability to blend. It is a summer season character and yields 492,1 kg / da and 789 kg / da in the experiments of measuring agricultural values.  
Disease status: It is resistant to smut, moderately sensıtıve to yellow rust, black rust and brown rust. It is resistant to yellow and brown rust in seedlings. 
Recommended Regions: Is recommended in the Coastal belt, Aegean, Mediterranean  Southeastern Anatolia Region.