OLG 95
Establishment company:  Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic.Paz. Ltd.Şti – ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: 2017
Ginning efficiency:43-44 %
Seed grain weight:8,5-9,5
Fiber length (mm):30, 14-31, 0
Fiber density (micronaire):5,11
Fiber strength (g / tex): pressley 87,9 (1000pounds / inch²
Agricultural Properties: The plant is semi-closter-cylinder type. A mid-early variety, has a high variety of yield potential and ginning yield. Soil desires are not very obvious. In unfavorable conditions, it can maintain its yield potential.
Yield Properties: It has over avarage yıeld and ıt can brıng up to 1 product 450- 700 kg. Thanks to its high height, harvestıng becomes really easy.
Disease Status: No significant leaf disease was encountered in the conditions of the region. Tolerant to the disease Paleness.
Recommended Regions: In all of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolian provinces It can be grown.