MELİHBEY (Triticale)

Establishment company: Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti / ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: 2018
Stalk and Leaf Features: Petiole is short, 100-115 cm firm, green color.
Virgo Structure: Virgo awn is white. Long and it has a thick structure.
Seed Feature: Grain is soft. The abdomen cheeks are long and the color is red. The weight
of 1000 pieces is 36-40 gr., hectolitre weight 70-75 kg.
Agricultural Properties: İt is a summer season product, cold tolerance in coastal conditions.
The Fraternization capacity is good and the yield potential is very high. İt can bring yıeld up
to 650 in dry areas and 850 kg / daa in watery areas. İts an early variety, the size ıs medıum,
solid-stemmed and the product is resistant to bending. Reaction to Fertilizer is good, planting standard is 25-27 kg / daa. Grain-free, ability to blend is good.
Disease State: Ashing, brown rust and are tolerant to root diseases. Seed spraying should be done before sowing if the seeds are caught to Smut disease.
Recommended Areas: It is recommended in Çukurova, Aegean, Southeastern Anatolia, Marmara and Black Sea regions.