İkbal Buğday


(Bread Wheat)

Establishment company: Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti  – ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: 2017
Stalk and Leaf Features: The stalk is 70-85 cm long, its leaves are dark green. 
Virgo Structure: Virgo awn is white. Long and it has a thick structure. 
Seed Feature: Grains semi-rigid. The belly cheeks are round and ıts pale red. 1000 seed
weight 35 g., hectoliter 80 to 82 kg. 
Agricultural Features: İt is a summer season product , cold tolerance in coastal conditions.
 The Fraternization capacity is good and the yield potential is very high. it can bring yıeld
up to 585 in dry areas and 909 kg / da in watery areas.İts an early variety , the size ıs
medıum , solid-stemmed  and the product is resistant to bending. Reaction to Fertilizer
is good, planting standard is 20-24 kg / daa. Grain-free, ability to blend is good. 
Disease Status: Ashing, brown rust and are tolerant to root diseases. Seed spraying should
be done before sowing if the seeds are caught to Smut disease.
Recommended Regions: Cukurova, Aegean, Southeastern Anatolia, Marmara and Black Sea regions are recommended