Establishment Company: Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti  – ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: Permitted Production
Stalk and Leaf Features: Stalk 40-47 cm with steep stem, low feathered leaves compound
2-4 branched. The only flower that emerges at the leaf junction is the flower color is pink-purple ,
the number of the fruit grain is 1-2.
Grain Properties: It is light beige color and has a ram size. The weight of 100 is 40-50 grams.
Agricultural Features: It is resistant to winter and also resistant to drought.It can be planted
in December in Southeast Anatolia region.It is harvested by combine harvesters since it is
durable to bending. Water and fertilizer reaction is very good. The yield level varies widely
depending on climate and soil structure. The yield is between 190-400 kg / daa in irrigated
areas.there is no grain pourıng.
Disease Status: Good to withstand wilt disease and anthracnose Tolerance.
Recommended Regions: All regions of chickpea production. Southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean It is planted in the autumn season in the region.