Extruder (New)

( Bread Wheat )
Establishment company:Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti  – ADIYAMAN
Registration Year:2015
Stalk and Leaf Features: Petioleis short, 95-105 cm  firm, green color.
Virgo Structure: Awnis white color and ıts sıze ıs between 12 -21
Seed Feature: It is white-skinned , the weight of 1000 seeds are between 31.9-48.8 grams. 
Hectoliter 76,9-83.5 kg/hl sedimentation 26–51 ml and the protein ratio of it is 11.4,16.3%. Zeleny sedimentation is 26-51 ml,  the water absorption is 67-67,3%,  alveograph energy value is 81-274, flour yield is between 63,8-72.4%
Agricultural Features: İt is a summer season product, a mid-early variety that is also drought resistant. İs very good at the fraternization, reactıon to fertilizer is well. The size ıs medıum and the product is resistant to bending. Best result would be ın autumn 567 kg/daa  with an early growth we can recıeve a maxımum of 805 kg/daa. İt will not be damaged by late spring frosts.
Disease Status: Hallucination rust, Well-durable to the black and brown rust. İt is well sensitive to Smut disease.
Recommended Regions: Firstly Aegean region, Mediterranean Sea, Marmara, Coastal zone of the Black Sea, Southeast and where summerly wheat can be sown to precincts.