Establishment company: Olgunlar Tur. Tarım. Enerji. Üret. Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti / ADIYAMAN
Registration Year: 2017
Morphological Features: The height is 85–95 cm., When it has matured its colur is light
cream-whiteit is a spıny type.Its anuprightlyand spıny6 rowfeed barley.
Agricultural Features:It is an alternative varieties with a wide range of adaptability.It ıs
well resıstant to drought, Good ability to blend,  it does not spill seeds and is resistant
to bending. It is tolerant to spring colds.
Yield Properties: Has an above average yield,it is a variety that is adapted to different
climatic structure of the region.
Technological Features: It has light cream-white color, 9 mm. tall, has a fuller grains.1000-grain weight is 30-35 gr. Grain quality is good.
Disease Status: It is resistant to smut, Durable is medium to ash and black rust andmoderately sensitive to brown rust 
Recommended Areas: The whole of the southeastern Anatolia Region, The Aegean and Mediterranean area, and ıt ıs suıtable for areas that do planting
in summer .Its recommended in Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia